Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Battle in Vain

The war in Iraq is one being fought in vain. Our American soldiers don't belong there. Because our government leaders assumed there were weapons of mass destruction in that area, many innocent people have died, and this country has been transformed into a devastated nation. The president and his governmental assistants did not have clear evidence of exactly what was over there in Iraq. Once the soldiers arrived there, their judgement was contradicted. However, I feel as though a war isn't really a war if there is no reason to justify the fight. Most countries are so quick to go to war, but don't obtain any justification for their actions.

Bush and his administratives, in my opinion, have not used wise judgement. To invade an area they believed to have threatening machinery was not morally correct. They should have first conjured up evident proof that supported the assumation of these people being a threat to our nation. Common sense was the key in this situation.


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