Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Debate! Debate! In A.P. U.S. History

Today was not just an ordinary day for Kenwood's 2nd period A.P. U.S. history class. The topics discussed got a bit controversial. Our teacher began the lesson talking about the social scene in the colonial life of England. After the class took notes, had their discussion, and asked their questions, the room began to get "heated". The topic of same sex relationships and marriages came up. Everyone knows that homosexuality is an extremely sensitive subject to discuss amongst people. Therefore, it's quite evident that a disagreement and even a debate would arise.

Senators have debated the proposal of creating a constitutional amendment that will make all same-sex marriages illegal. According to my own beliefs, humans were not designed to have homosexual or even bisexual relationships. However, I do believe that in spite of what a person's sexual orientation is, they are still classified as a human being. Therefore, respect for them should remain. Even though I don't morally agree with two of the same sexes obtaining a relationship, I do agree with the fact that every inhabitant of this earth should possess the right to engage in any personal orientations they choose. If only I could get the U.S. government to perceive this situation through my eyes. Hmmmm.


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