Saturday, September 23, 2006

Reformation of our Schools

Chicago Public Schools are in "hot water". Our economic status is diminishing and the resources are scarce. However, CPS administratives have come up with a possible solution to reform our schools. Where the attendance is low in certain schools, they are closing those scools and busing those children to other local schools to increase attendance there. Thus, they reduce the amount of overhead, such as electricity,the need for maintenance staff,and other expenditures.

This solution may work for the school system, but it may be an inconvenience to the students.These children are forced to attend schools in unfamiliar neighborhoods which could be dangerous,they are required to wake up early to travel on public transportation or wait for transportation that is provided, and they arrive home much later beacuse of the transportation issue. CPS Administratives should establish a solution to this problem that is assuitable to all, such as keeping some of the neighboring schools open so that wiil be convenient for students in all directions. In doing so, the attendance rate would possibly increase and so would the money.


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