Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Moderates, Conservatives, Radicals: 3 Distinct Groups

The Moderates, Conservatives, and Radicals were three distinct groups that were established as part of the First Continental Congress. The Intolerable Acts of the British gave rise to this congress. Even though these 3 groups were within one large organization, each had contrary ideas and methods of thinking. There were three types of feelings that individually swept each group of people.

The Moderates were the group that felt as though the relationship between the British and its colonies had hope of rehabilitation. They didn't think the prior events needed an outbreak from the colonies. The Conservatives were those that desired the relationship to return to the way it had been before the French and Indian War. Last but not least, the Radicals were the group of people who desired immediate independence from the British. They favored nothing less and didn't want to hesitate to take action. It's quite evident how they received their name!

It is so amazing how a single establishment could have multi-feelings and ideas within it.


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