Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Will Be Next?

On May 11, 2007 the AP U.S. history test will take place. This is one of the most difficult exams ever created! To add to the difficulty, the student doesn't know what topics will be given to write an essay about or the multiple choice questions. Several AP students are worried about how well they'll do, but these worries do not include me because I will be prepared. The four essay topics may consist of Manifest Destiny, World War 2, foreign affairs, and domestic affairs in the U.S. The DBQ (Document Based Question) will probably be based on Jacksonian Democracy. From examining previous questions, the DBQ's tend to ask about events further back in history. It seems as though the more years go past, the creators of the test ask questions about less recent historical events. From reviewing the four essay questions from prior years, it appears that the same topics will not be discussed every year. New subjects are being placed on the exam. Therefore, fresh new events should be expected.


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