Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dictatorship: An Age to Remember

The death of Turkey's ruler, Niyazov, has been proclaimed! Known as the "Father of all the Turkmen", Niyazov recently died from cardiac arrest. For 21 years, millions have been subjects of his strict dictatorship. His death was such a shock due to the normality and comfortableness of his rule. However, life before this great tragedy wasn't "a walk in the park." As Turkey's dictator, Niyazov possessed stringent rules for all aspects of Turkish life.

During his reign, he banned anyone who possessed a foreign educational institution diploma or degree from employment. School curriculum was substituted by studies of his book entitled Rukhnama (spirituality). He believed that by studying this particular book, his people were assured a ticket to Allah's paradise. Although he incorporated an aspect of the Muslim faith into his ruling, he banned mustaches, beards, and long hair. He renamed days of the month after himself and family members. Bread was even renamed by a word which came from his own mother. Just discovering how America could possibly be under a dictatorship makes me grateful for a democracy.


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