Thursday, December 21, 2006

The More the Merrier?

As the entire world knows, American troops have been in Iraq for quite some time now. A great amount of casualties have occurred and deaths have taken place. A strategy to prevent the violence within specific regions of Iraq has been brainstormed and the president has finally conjured up an idea. He feels as though it would be the most beneficial for this particular situation to order additional troops into Iraq. This plan is believed to decrease violence in areas, such as Sanak, due to kidnappers and even murderers. It is said that the mere presence of American soldiers can possibly deter harmful strangers from carrying out their primary objective.

Although more troops are sent to Iraq, is it a definite that the violence will calm? There are those who oppose the proposed idea because they believe more troops will have little effect on this great situation. It is not guaranteed that people will automatically end their deranged antics due to the presence of soldiers. However, it is not impossible to prevent such happenings by using this method. Will success or failure be the end result of this matter? Hmmmm.....


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