Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Best Things in Life are Free: Support is Priceless

My sophomore year in high school is so far one of my most challenging years. I am swamped with honors and AP classes. The level of the work has taken another step up. My social life has also been taken to another dimension. All in all, I somehow manage this full plate. However, my success in school would not be what it is if it wasn't for the support and encouragement I receive daily. In spite of my self-motivation, encouraging words from others make a difference in my life. Having teachers who don't just come to school, teach their students, and receive their paychecks is a blessing. I am proud to say that I do possess the type of teachers who actually care about my success in the present and the future. They are willing to sacrifice their time after school hours for the benefit of me. That is to be commended. Many students don't have that same honor and privilege within their own schools. Therefore, I never take the small things in life, such as support and motivation, for granted because it will come in handy sooner or later. The faintest things that occur in your life always seem to be priceless.


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