Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Patronage: The "Father" of All

In England resided a group of independently wealthy people called the gentry. The gentry "fathered" the common people. They were dependent on them for everything their daily life consisted of. This included employment, medical care, counseling, and even clothing. The common people's success in life depended on the actions of the gentry. Whenever a problem occurred, this class of people was called upon to establish peace and a reasonable solution. The gentry was the backbone of patriarchal society.

I am extremely grateful for inhabiting a country that has established a democracy. The residents, including the common people, don't have to rely on a specific social class. Most common people here in the U.S. manage their lives on their own. Their lives are not defined by a "gentry", or the wealthiest class of people within a social hierarchy.


  • Good wrting this week. "A+" this week.

    You are an articulate composer of words.


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