Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Government with Shared Authority

During this past week, I have learned about how the U.S. government functions. The technique used to equally distribute power between a central government and the governors of the states is called federalism. Federalism calls for an equal amount of power to political authorities. The Separation of Powers prevents one branch from becoming too authoritative. This method is extremely efficient because it lowers the possibilities of injustice to a specific group and puts the government at a low risk of feuding between branches in order to maintain authority.

Checks and Balances is another principle within the Constitution. It establishes a variety of powers that allow 3 branches of government to limit each other. Even though I don't agree with many political methods used to organize the government, I feel as though creating a Federal government has been one of the few I have agreed with. Now that most of the "behind-the-scene" actions of the government that currently rules over me been revealed, I come to realize that my country has established a beneficial way to maintain its organization.


  • CM,

    It's not necessarily equal power, but power is shared between the Federal govt and the states.

    You've done very well this week. I'm proud of your hard work in class and I'm sure you'll do well on the AP test.

    A+ for the week.


    By Blogger Garrett Jackson, at 6:17 PM  

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