Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pennsylvania Rampage

Within Quarryville, PA, occurred a shooting rampage by a 32 year-old man named Charles Roberts. Roberts allegedly murdered 5 young Amish schoolgirls. Upon coming to the school, he was prepared with sexual related possessions, such as lubricating jelly. It was evident that he had planned to sexually assault the young girls. However, he previously molested two of his female relatives. He claimed that he found himself having dreams of repeating this same behavior. It is obvious that there is something mentally wrong with this man. There is a resonable explanation for his antics.

Roberts had recently gone through a period of grief prior to the shooting. His infant daughter, Elise, died 20 minutes after she was given birth to. However, this tragedy is not an excuse for him to establish another tragedy by murdering two innocent human beings. Once it was revealed that Roberts had previously molested his own family members and found himself dreaming about replaying this same method and action, the solution to why he would carry out such deranged antics was discovered.


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