Thursday, October 12, 2006

America's Last Resort

After the American Revolution, the Americans desired to escape British domination. They no longer wanted to be forced to serve as subordinates of British power. What they did want was their own strong central government. However, they were only capable of establishing a weak central government, for their resources were limited. The newly formed government would be organized by the Articles of Confederation. Once the creation of the Americans' own source of power was achieved, major issues and concerns arose.

While under the Articles of Confederation, America's political system and even its society faced major problems that effected the entire nation. Questioning of the distribution of powers and responsibilities within the government surfaced. Whether this system would be bicameral or unicameral was unknown. Even the intentions for creating a United States of America were questioned. Evidently, at the time, the Americans were unstable and ignorant to the fact that making an entirely different nation required a great concerted effort amongst the entitity of the people. However, they did improvise with what they already possessed in order to get what they desired.


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