Thursday, October 05, 2006

A 'Savior' for the States

The establishment of the Constitution was given lead way by the Articles of Confederation. Because the AOC wasn't sufficient enough for the states, a new plan of government needed to come into play. The cause of the completion of the U.S. Constitution was the compromise, or agreement the delegates from the Constitutional Convention worked out amongst one another. The document's official ratification wasn't until about the year of 1789.

The Constitution was, and yet is a very significant document that has stood as the foundation of the U.S. nation in modern times. It has structured and formed what we Americans perceive as our " strong central government". However, acknowledgement is due to the Articles of Confederation because of its hand in givng rise to the results we see within our government. Even though every detail of the Constitution is not agreed upon by the entire population of people, this is not to say the document has not had any positve effect on today's society. Anything created by man will never be to perfection.


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