Thursday, October 05, 2006

Congressman Foley: Minor Trouble

Congressman Mark Foley, a U.S. Republican and Representative of Florida, recently faced allegations of sending sexually related emails to boys under the age of 18. These young males were said to be interns of the U.S. Congress. Foley decided to resign once these allegations were revealed by ABC News. As of now, the FBI is investigating the accusations. They are trying to uncover any concealed evidence they possibly can in order to justify Foley's violation of the federal law. An immediate full scale investigation has been proposed by the Senate Harry Reid of Nevada.

This scandal has extremely effected the Republican party. It has been said that House Republican leaders knew of this occurrence, but did not report it. Concealing the knowledge of the scandal was possibly done to " preserve a congressional seat this election year" according to Senate Reid. Prior to the incident, Foley was the chairman of an organization for missing and exploited children and the author of an act pointed towards sexual predators. If these accusations are true, what would influence a man of such authority and respect of those he represented to behave in such a contradictory manner?


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