Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Attack on Sri!

Naval sources say that Sri Lanka warred against Tamil Tiger after its naval base was attacked in the port city of Galle. Two sailors were said to be killed and twelve wounded. After this fight occurred, riots began to take place. A military spokesman tried to maintain the calmness of the people through a television broadcast. However, in order to obtain control a curfew had been introduced. Civilians were urged to leave the areas of Galle and all others surrounding it.

Galle is a popular tourist attraction. Since its peak season is soon to begin and it has nearby beaches, many travelers will be drawn toward their direction. Because of the attacks that have taken place there, Sri Lanka's tourism industry could possibly be greatly affected. The attack at Galle happens to be the second attack in one week. A Tamil suicide bomber ran a truck possessing explosives into several navy sailors, killing 115 and wounding 160. It seems as though Sri Lanka is experiencing a great amount of "bad luck."


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