Thursday, October 12, 2006

How Many More Lives Left?

The Genetic Savings and Clone company has announced that it is going out of business. This establishment is a biotechnology company that creates cloned pets. Because the demands of its customers are becoming scarce, the company is forced to disessemble. People's desire for the cloning of their beloved pets is diminishing. Even though the company has lowered the price from $50,000 down to $32,000 it still has not improved business.

Throughout modern times quite unique ideas have been created. However, one of the most unique ideas ever thought of was cloning. Duplicating a person or even an animal for that matter is absurd. What use does it have in society? How is it beneficial to the development of an improved nation? The explantion for this cloning company closing down is quite evident. Several people feel it serves no purpose in life.


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