Thursday, October 12, 2006

Forgiveness: A Virtue Done by Few

An Amish community decides to take a virtuous route in the midst of their mourning. The Amish family and community of the five girls that were murdered in Pennsylvania have forgiven the perpetrator for his deranged antics. Even though this young man is deceased, this group of people has found a place in their hearts that will allow them to no longer hold his actions against him. They have obligated themselves to have mercy on someone who was obviously unknowing of how great their actions would effect a society.

This Amish community has taken it upon themselves to console the murderer's family also in their time of mourning. Due to their lifestyle and beliefs, Amish people find forgiveness customary. In order to result in peace, they forgive even those who have hurt them the most. Their virtuous way of living is a model and an exhibition of what I feel should be known as the "American Way."


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