Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jefferson vs Hamilton:Unified, but Ununified

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were two politically powerful men within government. However, there has always been a a competition between the two. Because of these men, political parties were established. Each had contrary opinions and philosophies of their ideal governments. Hamilton believed the Constitution should be interpreted 'loosely'. He perceived the document as 'flexible'. On the contrary, Jefferson believed the Constitution should be interpreted 'strictly'. He felt the people should not look into the document for the benefit of themselves.

The rivalry between the two politics lingered amongst them for several years. There came a time when they branched off into their own movements. Jefferson had a support system that consisted of the poor and middle class people. Hamilton was supported by the more wealthier class. At the time, both were under the administration of President George Washington. Although the Americans were unified as a country, these two political figures played a role in how divisions within a single government came to be.


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