Thursday, October 26, 2006

Risk Factor in Africa

Within Africa, rape has become a major risk factor in the contraction of the HIV virus. Women and girls are the main targets of this rampage. Although new prevention strategies and methods have been established for the transmission of this virus, they failed to benefit the females. These African women and girls are being raped by husbands, partners, and even strangers. Sexual violence within this continent is perceived as a normality for them. How ludicrous is that! Experiencing these assaults on a daily basis is not what our African 'queens' are worthy of.

Even though several human rights lawyers are doing the best of their ability to prevent the continuation of these circumstances, it still remains heartbreaking to know that for the time being women and young ladies are being taken advantage of. IJM investigators have been said to be working with Kenyan officials representing a variety of sexual assault cases.However, only so many cases can be handled within a certain time period. Last month, a 4 year-old girl was raped by a Kenyan pedophile. It took as long as 5 years to close this case. However, once it concluded, the perpetrator was imprisoned and other victims were given at least a portion of courage.


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