Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wildfire: A Tragedy to the 100th Degree

In Poppet Flat, California 4 firefighters were killed by a massive wildfire. Officials said that the fire was so great that it stranded about 400 people in their RV truck by its flames blockading the only road out. Several residents were forced to evacuate their homes in order to decrease the risks of danger. An arsonist was said to have started the fire. Officials believed it was intentionally started at about one o'clock a.m. and the arsonist was rewarded $100,000.

As a few firefighters were trying to protect a resident's house, desert winds going 25mph blew the flames as they came tumbling down on the workers. They tried the best of their ability to escape the falling flames, but unfortunately, it was too late. Two firefighters were killed instantly while the other two were hospitalized in critical conditions. These two were pronounced dead hours later. Another tragedy has taken place in the U.S. caused by someone's careless antics.


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