Thursday, October 19, 2006

Will a Man Steal From God?

Rev. Mark Sorvillo, former pastor of the St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, was charged for allegedly stealing $200,000 from the parish's coffers. Sorvillo is charged with felony theft and could be given up to 30 years in jail if he is convicted. He has been accused of using the money for his own luxurious pleasure. He put the money to use by spending it on a vacation to Europe and expensive clothing and restaurants. Sorvillo had been united with the church since 1994. However, he decided to "pull a wool over the sheeps' eyes."

Will a man rob God? This question is aked within the Holy Bible incorporated in the Christian faith. Technically, this pastor stole from the people. Spiritually, he stole from God. Sorvillo's actions portray what a human being will do for the possession of money. Evidently, he was oblivious to the fact that his devious antics caused schools associated with the church and the church itself to suffer. However, they improvised, overcame, and adapted to the situation at hand.


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