Thursday, October 19, 2006

Students Fight Back!

In Burleson, Texas, students within a suburban school district are being taught to retaliate against a gunman invading their school. A British army reserve and training instructor stated that hiding under desks and praying for rescue is no longer the key to survival. This Burleson school system seems to be the first in the U.S. to teach its teachers and students the method of fighting back. However, among many schools, the technique of survival proposed is perceived as a way to get students killed instead of saving their lives.

In addition to fighting back, the Burleson students are being taught not to comply with any of the gunman's orders. They are told to get him in a vulnerable position and take him down. A representative from the National School Safety Center feels this technique is beneficial if the children are saved, but if they are murdered others will wonder who's to blame for the incident. Although many do not agree with what these students are being taught, the children are appreciative of the training. It seems to me that a new idea has given rise to another nationwide controversy.


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