Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nuclear Weapons in Japan?

Currently, the U.S. has been suspicious of the possible plans of specific Asian countries to create nuclear weapons. Although Japan is fully capable of building these bombs, the country's foreign minister confirmed that they have no plans of carrying the procedure out. The Japanese government has a policy which states that the country will not possess, create, or introduce nuclear weapons. The government has made it quite clear that it plans to stick with this policy. Japan's choice not to have these weapons within its country doesn't reflect the constitutionality of it. The Constitution does not prohibit them from possessing nuclear weapons for defense purposes.

So, America's anxiety has been lessened now that Japan has officially spoken. Still, suspicions are not cleared about North Korea. Just because their neighbors have put many doubts to rest does that mean they have, too? When will the truth be revealed about this mysterious country? Will the results cause a discrepancy or.......?


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