Friday, November 24, 2006

Humanly Insane!

During the Age of Reform a series of movements were established for a specific purpose. A reform movement for the mentally ill was set up for them to receive justice and better treatment in society. Dorothea Dix played a significant role in how this goal was achieved. These sufferers from "insanity" were treated with such cruelty and said to be cursed with unclean spirits. However, Dorothea was determined to turn the hearts of the "sane people." She could no longer see human beings be perceived as though they were from another universe. They too deserved to live life as any person in their right frame of mind could.

Dorothea is well-known for her petition of 1843 to the Massachusetts legislature. The petition contained a description of the foul cells the mentally ill were placed in. Not only did their stomachs turn, but their hearts were changed also. In addition to her compassionate and strongwilled personality, Dorothea Dix possessed faith in what she did. Such a frail and fragile woman made such a great difference in life.


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