Friday, November 10, 2006

The Wait is Over!!

Today was the last day of my entertainment fast in U.S. history class! The wait is over. I can finally intentionally listen to the radio which I have been deprived of for 5 days. I say intentionally because it seemed like everywhere I went I encountered someone who was enjoying the world renowned aspect of life- music. As I rode in cars to get to my many destinations, I would get caught in the middle of the melodious sounds of my favorite songs. Once I returned to class the next day, I'd always ask my teacher whether my situation was considered "cheating". However, his reply would always be "You remind me of the Jews in the Bible...."

This fast, believe it or not, has actually had an effect on my study habits. Because I don't usually watch television and I was deprived of music, my concentration wasn't distracted as much by the excess sounds. My ability to process more information increased. Still, it seems impossible to escape my "addiction" if everywhere I turn it's within my reach.


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