Friday, November 24, 2006

Prison Reform: The Big Break

Prison Reform was another major reform movement established during Andrew Jackson's presidency. Because of this movement, physical abuse, humiliation, and neglect of those imprisoned ceased. The poorer working classes were targets for debtors prison during this time period. People who owed less than one dollar were guilty of debt and also placed in prisons. Many prisoners were thrown in filthy holes and treated with such cruelty in order to obtain discipline and order within the jails. The foul odors of these cells were reminders of the mentally ill and their sufferings.

Gradually, debtors' prison was abolished and these immoral practices no longer existed. Because of the assertiveness of the laborers, state legislatures were convinced to get rid of these prisons over time. In modern times, prisoners still face difficult challenges within jails in America. However, conditions could be worse if it weren't for those brave souls that existed in the Age of Reform.


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