Friday, November 24, 2006

Loose Me and Let Me Go!

A Marine from New Jersey has become an objector of his participation in the army. He was sent to Iraq after being recommended by an officer for military discharge. Marine John Rogowskyj Jr. is one of several conscientious objectors who have taken desperate measures in order to be removed from the military. Rogowskyj has taken this case to federal court, but the outcome was not success. He feels that "God has given man free will." Therefore, he should be allowed object to "the surrendering of his will to the military."

The same year Rogowskyj was ordered to active duty, he submitted his request for discharge. He defines himself as a religious humanist who does not belong to a particular religious group. Thus, the commander of the Fourth Marine Division states that he is "theologically confused and doesn't reflect an officially recognized faith group." Therefore, he could serve noncombatant duty. Another controversy has arisen due to entirely different views of a specific situation. I wonder what the end result will be? Mmmmm.....


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