Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Honor or Exploitation?

A rising controversy has occurred in Lafayette, California. Several white wooden crosses have been placed on a serene suburban hillside. They were planted in recognition of the soldiers killed in Iraq. However, many people are debating whether the memorial is honoring or exploiting those troops. Heaton, a contractor who possessed objections during Vietnam, was the founder of the idea. The Vietnam Memorial in Washington stood as his inspiration. He was shocked at how much support and attention the memorial received once established.

The objectors' behavior is on the edge of the extreme. One day, a passerby stepped out of her car and took the sign down to express her opposition. Why has the remembrance of fellow American soldiers become such a discrepancy? A person can't do a good deed without the interference of others that are oblivious to the primary objective. Will this controversy end in another blood shed?


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