Thursday, November 16, 2006

Interview with a "Stranger"

C. Morgan: Interviewing Mrs. Myrtle Faye Parnell

Mrs. Parnell is the only living grandmother I have left in this world. She is a very strong-willed, courageous, and kindhearted woman. I chose to interview her because I believed she would have a wise word to give to me and the readers of this conversation. Not only is she a part of my family, but she plays a significant role in my life. I felt the need to share some things about a woman that is very important to me and hopefully reveal new details about different aspects of her life.

1. C. Morgan: Who are you?
Mrs.Parnell: Well, my name is Myrtle Faye Parnell. I'm known as Myrtle at work and Faye by my friends and family.
2. C. Morgan: What is your occupation? Why did you chose it?
Mrs. Parnell: I'm a contract administrative at Blue Cross Blue Shield. I didn't actually chose it, but I was put into it. I was drafted into the position. My career choice is nursing.
3. C. Morgan: If you could be anything what would it be?
Mrs. Parnell: I would be rich. Why? Because money seems to make the world go around.
4. C. Morgan: What did you always dream of having during your childhood?
Mrs. Parnell: A beautiful home, nice cars. All the beautiful things in life: a well-blended family, a husband, a daughter, and a son.
5. C. Morgan: While attending high school, what type of person and student were you?
Mrs. Parnell: I was very quiet, average. As far as my grades were concerned, I earned B's and C's. Not outgoing at all. I didn't attend any games or sports. I didn't feel it was necessary. I felt like if I attended school and went to all of my classes, forget the rest.
6. C. Morgan: What are some things that signify who you are?
Mrs. Parnell: My name. My name doesn't fit the person you see. People don't connect my name or my voice to me.
7. C. Morgan: As a teenager, what were some academic struggles you had to undergo?
Mrs. Parnell: Academic was math. I'm not very good in math. I don't have an interest in numbers. I could do well in math, but I didn't have an interest in it. Social wise, I didn't fit in. I wasn't one of the "pretty girls." I didn't have the long hair, nice clothes, or the bubbly personality. I just didn't fit in.
8. C. Morgan: What are the most significant things in your life?
Mrs. Parnell: My grandchildren. I love them more that I love my own children. To me, I am more valuable to them than I am to my own children. They value me more.
9. C. Morgan: What are some of your greatest achievements in life?
Mrs. Parnell: Completing nursing school at the age of 32. That was a challenge. I had been out of school for almost 15 years, and it was a challenge to go back to school.
10. C. Morgan: What do you desire your life's legacy to be? My legacy would be someone that was always resourceful. I know how to get it, where to get it, and who to get it from. I know the who what when, where, and how of mostly everything.


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