Friday, November 10, 2006

Foolishness in Oklahoma

Howard Hawthorne remained calm as he was told by deputies to take the complaint about his neighbors to civil court. One hour later, officers received a report from north of Hawthorne's home saying shots had been fired. Upon the officers' arrival, they discovered Hawthorne shooting himself and found the three dead bodies of his neighbors. It has been revealed that Hawthorne and Graham, one of the victims, were two men who had been far from possessing a friendship. They continuously dueled over a conflict that revolved around a fence.This ongoing disagreement led to Hawthorne's killing spree. How ludicrous is that!

Another tragic occurrence has taken place because of a person's deranged antics due to their inability to resolve a specific problem as an adult. It was said that the two men would argue about the fence occupying too much of the other's property. I have begun to realize how the faintest things can spark people's attention and cause them to take their focus on those things that really matter. In the words of the friend of one of the victims, this incident was "just senseless, senseless, senseless."


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