Thursday, December 21, 2006

Look Both Ways: A Plane might be Coming!

Two American pilots flying a private jet hit a Brazilian airliner at 37,000 feet last September. 154 passengers on board were killed. Brazilian authorities have charged the American pilots for "endangering a vessel or aircraft." The Federal Police decided that the crime wasn't serious enough to hold the two within the country. Many believed the charges were based on nationality, not their role in the crash. However, several people are beginning to think the charges are being used to conceal the shortcomings of Brazil's aviation system. A case of the missing objective has been given rise to. What is Brazil's purpose of charging those two pilots? Is there a method to the madness?

Dictatorship: An Age to Remember

The death of Turkey's ruler, Niyazov, has been proclaimed! Known as the "Father of all the Turkmen", Niyazov recently died from cardiac arrest. For 21 years, millions have been subjects of his strict dictatorship. His death was such a shock due to the normality and comfortableness of his rule. However, life before this great tragedy wasn't "a walk in the park." As Turkey's dictator, Niyazov possessed stringent rules for all aspects of Turkish life.

During his reign, he banned anyone who possessed a foreign educational institution diploma or degree from employment. School curriculum was substituted by studies of his book entitled Rukhnama (spirituality). He believed that by studying this particular book, his people were assured a ticket to Allah's paradise. Although he incorporated an aspect of the Muslim faith into his ruling, he banned mustaches, beards, and long hair. He renamed days of the month after himself and family members. Bread was even renamed by a word which came from his own mother. Just discovering how America could possibly be under a dictatorship makes me grateful for a democracy.

The More the Merrier?

As the entire world knows, American troops have been in Iraq for quite some time now. A great amount of casualties have occurred and deaths have taken place. A strategy to prevent the violence within specific regions of Iraq has been brainstormed and the president has finally conjured up an idea. He feels as though it would be the most beneficial for this particular situation to order additional troops into Iraq. This plan is believed to decrease violence in areas, such as Sanak, due to kidnappers and even murderers. It is said that the mere presence of American soldiers can possibly deter harmful strangers from carrying out their primary objective.

Although more troops are sent to Iraq, is it a definite that the violence will calm? There are those who oppose the proposed idea because they believe more troops will have little effect on this great situation. It is not guaranteed that people will automatically end their deranged antics due to the presence of soldiers. However, it is not impossible to prevent such happenings by using this method. Will success or failure be the end result of this matter? Hmmmm.....

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Best Things in Life are Free: Support is Priceless

My sophomore year in high school is so far one of my most challenging years. I am swamped with honors and AP classes. The level of the work has taken another step up. My social life has also been taken to another dimension. All in all, I somehow manage this full plate. However, my success in school would not be what it is if it wasn't for the support and encouragement I receive daily. In spite of my self-motivation, encouraging words from others make a difference in my life. Having teachers who don't just come to school, teach their students, and receive their paychecks is a blessing. I am proud to say that I do possess the type of teachers who actually care about my success in the present and the future. They are willing to sacrifice their time after school hours for the benefit of me. That is to be commended. Many students don't have that same honor and privilege within their own schools. Therefore, I never take the small things in life, such as support and motivation, for granted because it will come in handy sooner or later. The faintest things that occur in your life always seem to be priceless.

Toys: No Longer Innocent

Another shocker has come on the scene. San Francisco has banned the sale of certain plastic toys for children under three years of age that are said to be made with contaminants . What we perceive as "innocent" toys are now having harmful chemicals be discovered. A family of chemicals called phthalates are currently under lab observation. These chemicals are said to have extreme affects on the body, such as the interference in hormone regulation.

Nothing seems to be safe in the world today. Too little of this and too much of that will hurt a person. The harmful effects of certain things in life, even the necessities, never fail. It's terrible how the excitement in young children's lives (toys) is becoming a nuisance. When won't everything in life result in harm or even death?

Princess Diana: Dead or Alive?

Although Princess Diana has been deceased for several years now, her spirit remains in the hearts of many British loved ones. It has been clarified that before her death she was not pregnant, engaged, or killed due to an organized plot. This woman played a significant role within Britain and several other countries. So, it is quite evident why her name would continue to possess a place in life even after her tragic death. However, the cause of her death is still being speculated and anticipated for the end results. Court hearings are said to begin next month.

It is amazing how one person can have such remembrance and support when they no longer exist on earth. Even though I was a 'youngster' during the time she was living, those things that I do remember about her remains in my memory bank. Because I was not directly effected by her presence, it's impossible for me to relate to the feelings those in Britain still have for their beloved princess. Memories are all a person possesses when someone undeniably close to them departs. However, only time can heal shattered hearts.