Thursday, December 14, 2006

Princess Diana: Dead or Alive?

Although Princess Diana has been deceased for several years now, her spirit remains in the hearts of many British loved ones. It has been clarified that before her death she was not pregnant, engaged, or killed due to an organized plot. This woman played a significant role within Britain and several other countries. So, it is quite evident why her name would continue to possess a place in life even after her tragic death. However, the cause of her death is still being speculated and anticipated for the end results. Court hearings are said to begin next month.

It is amazing how one person can have such remembrance and support when they no longer exist on earth. Even though I was a 'youngster' during the time she was living, those things that I do remember about her remains in my memory bank. Because I was not directly effected by her presence, it's impossible for me to relate to the feelings those in Britain still have for their beloved princess. Memories are all a person possesses when someone undeniably close to them departs. However, only time can heal shattered hearts.


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