Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jefferson vs Hamilton:Unified, but Ununified

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were two politically powerful men within government. However, there has always been a a competition between the two. Because of these men, political parties were established. Each had contrary opinions and philosophies of their ideal governments. Hamilton believed the Constitution should be interpreted 'loosely'. He perceived the document as 'flexible'. On the contrary, Jefferson believed the Constitution should be interpreted 'strictly'. He felt the people should not look into the document for the benefit of themselves.

The rivalry between the two politics lingered amongst them for several years. There came a time when they branched off into their own movements. Jefferson had a support system that consisted of the poor and middle class people. Hamilton was supported by the more wealthier class. At the time, both were under the administration of President George Washington. Although the Americans were unified as a country, these two political figures played a role in how divisions within a single government came to be.

Wildfire: A Tragedy to the 100th Degree

In Poppet Flat, California 4 firefighters were killed by a massive wildfire. Officials said that the fire was so great that it stranded about 400 people in their RV truck by its flames blockading the only road out. Several residents were forced to evacuate their homes in order to decrease the risks of danger. An arsonist was said to have started the fire. Officials believed it was intentionally started at about one o'clock a.m. and the arsonist was rewarded $100,000.

As a few firefighters were trying to protect a resident's house, desert winds going 25mph blew the flames as they came tumbling down on the workers. They tried the best of their ability to escape the falling flames, but unfortunately, it was too late. Two firefighters were killed instantly while the other two were hospitalized in critical conditions. These two were pronounced dead hours later. Another tragedy has taken place in the U.S. caused by someone's careless antics.

Risk Factor in Africa

Within Africa, rape has become a major risk factor in the contraction of the HIV virus. Women and girls are the main targets of this rampage. Although new prevention strategies and methods have been established for the transmission of this virus, they failed to benefit the females. These African women and girls are being raped by husbands, partners, and even strangers. Sexual violence within this continent is perceived as a normality for them. How ludicrous is that! Experiencing these assaults on a daily basis is not what our African 'queens' are worthy of.

Even though several human rights lawyers are doing the best of their ability to prevent the continuation of these circumstances, it still remains heartbreaking to know that for the time being women and young ladies are being taken advantage of. IJM investigators have been said to be working with Kenyan officials representing a variety of sexual assault cases.However, only so many cases can be handled within a certain time period. Last month, a 4 year-old girl was raped by a Kenyan pedophile. It took as long as 5 years to close this case. However, once it concluded, the perpetrator was imprisoned and other victims were given at least a portion of courage.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Louisiana Purchase: The Conviction of a Term

During Thomas Jefferson's first term of presidency, he made an extremely significant purchase that became known as the most notable achievement in the year of 1803. This important purchase was named as the "Louisiana Purchase." Desperately in need of money in order to fight the British, the French emperor Napolean sold his Louisiana Territory to Jefferson. Because he bought this enormous piece of land, it resulted in the expansion of U.S. territory.

Although the Louisiana Purchase seemed as if it were a beneficial decision made by Jefferson, while purchasing the land he had his doubts. He initially perceived the purchase as potentially being unconstitutional. However, he felt it was too good of an offer to reject. It seems to me that Jefferson put pleasure before business. Mmmmm.

XYZ Affair

In the year of 1794, in concern of a potential war between the French, President John Adams sent special commissioners to France. He believed that by taking this course of action he could reduce tensions the French had against the Americans due to the Jay Treaty. The French felt as though their American allies were going back on their words of neutrality by becoming pro-British. John Marshall, Elbridge Gerry, and Charles Pickney were the three commissioners sent by Adams. The men reached Paris in 1797 in hope of a resolution. However, the outcome was quite the contrary.

Upon arriving in France, the three commissioners met with the French minister Talleyrand. Talleyrand's agents, known as X, Y, and Z, haughtily requested a bribe of $250,000 and a loan of $32 million in payment of receiving the privelege to speak with their minister. How conceited is that? Because of these requests, war-related emotions began to rise within the American nation. Alexander Hamilton was determined to influence President Adams to raise an army against France, but he would not permit it. Since Adams was not swayed and stood on his word of not desiring to go to war with his nation's current ally, he succeeded in an agreement of both countries. He decided to send another mission to France two years later. Therefore, the relationship between both France and America was repaired. By observing Adams's response in the midst of chaos and confusion, I perceive him to be the kind of man that would not allow outside factors to alter his good judgement of a specific situation that would soon affect the nation he governed.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Obama for President?

During an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, U.S. Senator Barrack Obama was Oprah's special guest. Persistent as she was, Oprah had no luck in receiving information about his feelings toward running for the presidency. Instead, Obama spoke of how he was more concerned with the upcoming election that would determine which party will control Congress. In other words, he dodged the question asked of him. In addition to asking about running for president, Oprah also asked Barrack to announce his candidacy on her show if he were to run. "How can I say no to you" was Barrack's reply.

Many citizens of the U.S. desire Obama's candidacy for the presidency. They perceive him as a man worthy of the position and one who will certainly make a difference in this country. I 'second that motion'. He is one of the few black males that have transformed into a great role model for those who observe his lifestyle and method of thinking nationwide.

Will a Man Steal From God?

Rev. Mark Sorvillo, former pastor of the St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, was charged for allegedly stealing $200,000 from the parish's coffers. Sorvillo is charged with felony theft and could be given up to 30 years in jail if he is convicted. He has been accused of using the money for his own luxurious pleasure. He put the money to use by spending it on a vacation to Europe and expensive clothing and restaurants. Sorvillo had been united with the church since 1994. However, he decided to "pull a wool over the sheeps' eyes."

Will a man rob God? This question is aked within the Holy Bible incorporated in the Christian faith. Technically, this pastor stole from the people. Spiritually, he stole from God. Sorvillo's actions portray what a human being will do for the possession of money. Evidently, he was oblivious to the fact that his devious antics caused schools associated with the church and the church itself to suffer. However, they improvised, overcame, and adapted to the situation at hand.

Students Fight Back!

In Burleson, Texas, students within a suburban school district are being taught to retaliate against a gunman invading their school. A British army reserve and training instructor stated that hiding under desks and praying for rescue is no longer the key to survival. This Burleson school system seems to be the first in the U.S. to teach its teachers and students the method of fighting back. However, among many schools, the technique of survival proposed is perceived as a way to get students killed instead of saving their lives.

In addition to fighting back, the Burleson students are being taught not to comply with any of the gunman's orders. They are told to get him in a vulnerable position and take him down. A representative from the National School Safety Center feels this technique is beneficial if the children are saved, but if they are murdered others will wonder who's to blame for the incident. Although many do not agree with what these students are being taught, the children are appreciative of the training. It seems to me that a new idea has given rise to another nationwide controversy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Attack on Sri!

Naval sources say that Sri Lanka warred against Tamil Tiger after its naval base was attacked in the port city of Galle. Two sailors were said to be killed and twelve wounded. After this fight occurred, riots began to take place. A military spokesman tried to maintain the calmness of the people through a television broadcast. However, in order to obtain control a curfew had been introduced. Civilians were urged to leave the areas of Galle and all others surrounding it.

Galle is a popular tourist attraction. Since its peak season is soon to begin and it has nearby beaches, many travelers will be drawn toward their direction. Because of the attacks that have taken place there, Sri Lanka's tourism industry could possibly be greatly affected. The attack at Galle happens to be the second attack in one week. A Tamil suicide bomber ran a truck possessing explosives into several navy sailors, killing 115 and wounding 160. It seems as though Sri Lanka is experiencing a great amount of "bad luck."

Ethiopian Massacre

In June and November of 2005, a 'massacre' took place in Nairobi, Kenya. It had been said by the senior Ethiopian judge that security forces murdered 193 unarmed protesters. At the time, they were protesting against election-related matters. Excessive force was thought to be used by security. Fourty teenagers were killed, and among those fourty a 14 year-old boy and girl were shot. The death toll rose because of the murder of 6 policemen. These ratings had the possibilities of increasing, but several people were too fearful to speak up.

The European Union's chief observer, Ana Gomes, feels as though Ethiopia's current regime is not beneficial to the people. It seems to "lack democratic legitimacy and is actually weak." Gomes believes this government is only leading Ethiopia to more poverty, war, and conflict. As most people know, this country is one of the poorest in the world. However, Britain took it upon themselves to aid Ethiopia by giving them $87 million in concern of how its government had been handling the incident. I'm almost certain Ethiopians were delighted to see this country humble themselves and do such a selfless act.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Forgiveness: A Virtue Done by Few

An Amish community decides to take a virtuous route in the midst of their mourning. The Amish family and community of the five girls that were murdered in Pennsylvania have forgiven the perpetrator for his deranged antics. Even though this young man is deceased, this group of people has found a place in their hearts that will allow them to no longer hold his actions against him. They have obligated themselves to have mercy on someone who was obviously unknowing of how great their actions would effect a society.

This Amish community has taken it upon themselves to console the murderer's family also in their time of mourning. Due to their lifestyle and beliefs, Amish people find forgiveness customary. In order to result in peace, they forgive even those who have hurt them the most. Their virtuous way of living is a model and an exhibition of what I feel should be known as the "American Way."

How Many More Lives Left?

The Genetic Savings and Clone company has announced that it is going out of business. This establishment is a biotechnology company that creates cloned pets. Because the demands of its customers are becoming scarce, the company is forced to disessemble. People's desire for the cloning of their beloved pets is diminishing. Even though the company has lowered the price from $50,000 down to $32,000 it still has not improved business.

Throughout modern times quite unique ideas have been created. However, one of the most unique ideas ever thought of was cloning. Duplicating a person or even an animal for that matter is absurd. What use does it have in society? How is it beneficial to the development of an improved nation? The explantion for this cloning company closing down is quite evident. Several people feel it serves no purpose in life.

America's Last Resort

After the American Revolution, the Americans desired to escape British domination. They no longer wanted to be forced to serve as subordinates of British power. What they did want was their own strong central government. However, they were only capable of establishing a weak central government, for their resources were limited. The newly formed government would be organized by the Articles of Confederation. Once the creation of the Americans' own source of power was achieved, major issues and concerns arose.

While under the Articles of Confederation, America's political system and even its society faced major problems that effected the entire nation. Questioning of the distribution of powers and responsibilities within the government surfaced. Whether this system would be bicameral or unicameral was unknown. Even the intentions for creating a United States of America were questioned. Evidently, at the time, the Americans were unstable and ignorant to the fact that making an entirely different nation required a great concerted effort amongst the entitity of the people. However, they did improvise with what they already possessed in order to get what they desired.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Convictions: They Never Go Away

Throughout my life, I have been convicted by many outside viewpoints of the acception of different real-life situations. I find myself opposing the abortions of unborn fetuses. Because of my belief, I am labeled as an anti-abortionist. I believe that a fetus possesses similar characteristics of a human being. Therefore, it should be considered a child and have a right to inherit life. Expecting mothers that decide to abort their unborn child evidently don't perceive this fetus as a developing human that is solely a part of them.

Personally, an abortion is just a method used for escape of responsibility and consequences. When expecting mothers and fathers feel as though they are incapable of supporting a child, for one reason or another, their first resort is abortion. Although the lack of a stable support system is a legitimate reason for not keeping a child, taking its life has no justification. A child's future relyed on their parents' poor judgment. I feel it is my obligation to obtain this state of mind. Even though this human is not quite tangible, once born, its value and worth is unknown.

North Korean Allegations

According to U.S. officials, North Korea may be preparing to test a nuclear weapon. However, these officials don't have solid evidence to support the allegations and the activities were hard to interpret. They are seeking China's aid in preventing the conduction of this assumed test.Within North Korea, Pyongyang announced that it has nuclear weapons in its possession. Signs of activities at missile sites heightened the U.S. officials' concerns.

Once again, the U.S. has accused another region of having threatening weapons. Just as they did the people of Iraq, the U.S. has made accusations that they are incapable of justifying. It is very significant to conjure up evidence that will support an accuser's assumations. It seems as though our government is not "thinking before they speak." They are so occupied with witch hunting, they seem to forget the true facts. The U.S. government needs to remove itself from its neighbor's business for a moment and take care of 'home' first.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A 'Savior' for the States

The establishment of the Constitution was given lead way by the Articles of Confederation. Because the AOC wasn't sufficient enough for the states, a new plan of government needed to come into play. The cause of the completion of the U.S. Constitution was the compromise, or agreement the delegates from the Constitutional Convention worked out amongst one another. The document's official ratification wasn't until about the year of 1789.

The Constitution was, and yet is a very significant document that has stood as the foundation of the U.S. nation in modern times. It has structured and formed what we Americans perceive as our " strong central government". However, acknowledgement is due to the Articles of Confederation because of its hand in givng rise to the results we see within our government. Even though every detail of the Constitution is not agreed upon by the entire population of people, this is not to say the document has not had any positve effect on today's society. Anything created by man will never be to perfection.

Articles of Confederation: Temporary Existence

The Articles of Confederation were documents ratified by the Continental Congress in March 1781. These documents stood as a plan of government for the Americans at the time. However, they were incapable of satisfying the needs of the people and securing a strong central government. While the Americans were governed by the AOC, several concerns and issues arose.

Under the governing of the AOC, placing power in its rightful place became an issue. The solution to whether or not the states or the central government should have joint authority was difficult to establish. Questioning also began associated with the set up of representation, taxation of the states, and even the relationship of governmental powers and citizens' rights. Organization for the American government seemed impossible to create.

Congressman Foley: Minor Trouble

Congressman Mark Foley, a U.S. Republican and Representative of Florida, recently faced allegations of sending sexually related emails to boys under the age of 18. These young males were said to be interns of the U.S. Congress. Foley decided to resign once these allegations were revealed by ABC News. As of now, the FBI is investigating the accusations. They are trying to uncover any concealed evidence they possibly can in order to justify Foley's violation of the federal law. An immediate full scale investigation has been proposed by the Senate Harry Reid of Nevada.

This scandal has extremely effected the Republican party. It has been said that House Republican leaders knew of this occurrence, but did not report it. Concealing the knowledge of the scandal was possibly done to " preserve a congressional seat this election year" according to Senate Reid. Prior to the incident, Foley was the chairman of an organization for missing and exploited children and the author of an act pointed towards sexual predators. If these accusations are true, what would influence a man of such authority and respect of those he represented to behave in such a contradictory manner?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Government with Shared Authority

During this past week, I have learned about how the U.S. government functions. The technique used to equally distribute power between a central government and the governors of the states is called federalism. Federalism calls for an equal amount of power to political authorities. The Separation of Powers prevents one branch from becoming too authoritative. This method is extremely efficient because it lowers the possibilities of injustice to a specific group and puts the government at a low risk of feuding between branches in order to maintain authority.

Checks and Balances is another principle within the Constitution. It establishes a variety of powers that allow 3 branches of government to limit each other. Even though I don't agree with many political methods used to organize the government, I feel as though creating a Federal government has been one of the few I have agreed with. Now that most of the "behind-the-scene" actions of the government that currently rules over me been revealed, I come to realize that my country has established a beneficial way to maintain its organization.

Pennsylvania Rampage

Within Quarryville, PA, occurred a shooting rampage by a 32 year-old man named Charles Roberts. Roberts allegedly murdered 5 young Amish schoolgirls. Upon coming to the school, he was prepared with sexual related possessions, such as lubricating jelly. It was evident that he had planned to sexually assault the young girls. However, he previously molested two of his female relatives. He claimed that he found himself having dreams of repeating this same behavior. It is obvious that there is something mentally wrong with this man. There is a resonable explanation for his antics.

Roberts had recently gone through a period of grief prior to the shooting. His infant daughter, Elise, died 20 minutes after she was given birth to. However, this tragedy is not an excuse for him to establish another tragedy by murdering two innocent human beings. Once it was revealed that Roberts had previously molested his own family members and found himself dreaming about replaying this same method and action, the solution to why he would carry out such deranged antics was discovered.