Thursday, November 30, 2006

Somalia: Strike Two!

The Somali government town has been striked by suicide bombers! A woman wearing a veil and two other bombers exploded cars outside Somalia's weak government. They killed themselves and three accomplices time after Ethiopia once again tried to go to war with the Islams. Foreign al Qaeda fighters for the attack. However, Somalia's president claimed that Islamic extremists have created a hit list of top officials in his government.

The "Case of the Missing Suicide bomber" is in action. It is so ironic how a major incident can occur, such as this, but the certainty of whose to blame is shaky. Several accusations have been made about the mysterious bombers. However, Somalia's history of attacks are scarce. This is only the second attack the country has undergone. Therefore, it is quite evident why the inhabitants may be oblivious to who was responsible. Could the attackers be.....


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